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P.A.L.M. Luigi Merletti di A. e M. Merletti & C. s.a.s.

begins with Luigi Merletti and his idea to start the production of bobbin lace in 1947...
This family history, which like many others makes “made in Italy” great, starts from Luigi Merletti and his idea of ​​starting the production of bobbin lace in 1947; with him were his wife Ada, his daughters and their husbands.
The winning moves are clear and precise: investing every profit in the purchase of new machinery, covering the entire Italian territory from a commercial point of view and, at the same time, never losing sight of the technological update with the introduction of avanguardistic electronic machines. As a result, the study of innovative products and the expansion of the business in Europe and worldwide have arrived.
So the rigid laces were joined by stretch (also in the version with inserted or compound ribbons with various types of ribbons, tulle, organza and embroidery) and the lace with fringes and elastic bands, intended for the production sectors for women and children, lingerie , underwear, but also for the home sector. Among the materials, alongside cotton, linen, viscose, wool, lurex and polyester, sequins, rhinestones, beads and special new yarns have been added. We have always considered it essential to pay particular attention to the service and quality of the products, using only quality materials.
"Women taste is increasingly sensitive to decoration, as long as it is precious and rich in artisan surplus value", explains how in the preparation of each collection, trends is taken into account to meet the needs of fashion.